Ultimate Dog Grooming

Ultimate Dog Grooming
Ultimate Dog Grooming

Ultimate Dog Grooming

“This large-format, colorfully illustrated handbook will find a place on library shelves where a good, general instruction manual for grooming one’s own pet and even establishing oneself as a professional groomer is called for.”

A professional groomer is expensive, anywhere from for a small dog to more than 0 for specialized clipping. That is strong motivation for a dog owner to learn how to groom their pet. For someone studying for certification or already in the business, a reliable reference that covers all skills and all breeds is essential. With more than 500 step-by-step color photographs and line drawings, Ultimate Dog Grooming is that guide.

This edition contains new material, including:

  • Illustrated 16-page section on grooming Designer Dogs such as Cockerpoo, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Yorkie X
  • Introduction to Creative Grooming, where groomers use colors on the entire coat or to create spirals, pin striping, and tattoos
  • How to improve grooming skills, training for certification, and competing in grooming competitions
  • Grooming undocked tails, including on a Poodle
  • Updated advice on the Continental Lion Clip for a Poodle.

The book has three parts:

  • Grooming the Pet Dog Topics include coat types, routine care, operating a grooming business, choosing a groomer.
  • Professional Grooming features practical business information, such as training, equipment, grooming methods, coat and skin problems, “difficult” dogs, and troubleshooting.
  • Breed Profiles contains eight chapters and more than 180 breeds organized into coat type: Corded and Curly; Long-coated; Medium-Length; Shorthaired; Stripped; Thick, Dense-Coated; Clipped and Trimmed. Each chapter features a comprehensive description of a full groom and turn-out for one breed. The other breeds are described in detail as to Coat, Maintenance, and Procedure, including Equipment and Breed Tips. There is also a section on Poodle clips, which are Sporting or Utility; Lamb; Dutch; Full Puppy; Puppy Lion; Continental Lion; and Traditional Lion.

Ultimate Dog Grooming reveals the secrets of top dog groomers. It is packed with valuable expert advice and is the perfect guide for all dog owners and groomers.

Ultimate Dog Grooming

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Puppy Styled: Japanese Dog Grooming: Before & After

Doggie makeovers that will make you smile

Japanese dog grooming does not follow the rules of traditional, breed- standard grooming. In fact, it only has one mission―to make dogs look as adorable as possible! With extreme attention to detail and careful consideration of a pup’s best attributes, Japanese dog groomers and salons achieve the perfect transformation by forgetting uniform looks and getting creative.

From internationally acclaimed pet photographer and author of Waggish: Dogs Smiling for Dog Reasons comes this adorable book, which showcases the transformation of dogs going from cute to cutest. Originally a viral photo series called “Hairy,” Grace Chon’s work perfectly captures the whimsy and glamour of freshly groomed furry friends. With nearly 50 before- and- afters, Chon proves that Japanese dog grooming is not just a haircut, but a work of art.

100 color photographs
Puppy Styled: Japanese Dog Grooming: Before & After

Average Price Bully Mix Found To Buy Online: $ 12.95

Best Price To Pay Online Found By Bully Mix Sniffer Dogs Was: $ 3.14

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