French Bulldog Dad: Music JournalFrench Bulldog Dad: Music Journal

French Bulldog Dad: Music Journal

Looking for the ideal gift for your favorite composer? Give your most-liked musician the gift of music!This music journal is perfect for all songwriters, composers or simply because you want a music diary of sorts.Seize those fragments of song from the shower, the commute, or your dreams before they fade away. This handy journal is valuable for ideas on the fly. Now, you can jot down tunes or lyrics that come to you whenever, wherever.It’s the music journal with the best of two worlds; a journal for thoughts and ideas and a music notation for composing music. A must-have for songwriters and composers. Give this journal as a present and help your loved one write the song of his/her life.
French Bulldog Dad: Music Journal

List Price: $ 6.99

Price: $ 6.99

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