The Bully Mix & Bulldogs

The Bully Mix & Bulldogs

The Bully Mix & Bulldogs

We all know and love the fact that bulldogs are  a stocky breed, with a compact body that has a very low center of gravity and  short, sturdy and strong limbs. The unique and unmistakable shape of the “breed”  results in a peculiarly unique and well-known gait that is sometimes imitated  when referring to weight lifters because they swagger like cocky tough guys! But  that tough looking exterior as we all know is covering a real heart of gold! Bulldogs  and are known for their short muzzles with somewhat saggy skin on their faces,  creating what looks like a “frown” which has become almost the trademarked look  of the breed.

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Bully  mixes will often show slightly softer characteristics of the bulldog especially  when mixed with larger and thinner breeds in which case we often see the skull  and eyes revealing the biggest clues that the puppy is actually a mix. The traditional  bulldogs come in a variety of colors and ideally will have a short and smooth  lustrous coat. Beyond the bully mixes, which can come in a more varied size and  shape the weight of what we consider the traditional bulldog is between 40 and  55 pounds (18 to 25 kilograms) when fully mature.

While  it’s true that what some dog owners call “pit bulls” (i.e. American Pit Bull Terriers,  American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers) can trace their  genetic lineage back to the original breed of bulldog. Bulldogs were historically  crossed with terriers to create what is known as the “pit bull” breeds (“pit bull”  is not actually it’s own certified breed; rather, it is a inclusive term which  is used to collectively describe the American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire  Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers). After decades of selective breeding,  however, all of the dogs that originated with bulldogs, all the “pit bulls” included,  now have a unique set of traits and characteristics that are standard to that  breed.

Pit Bulls (capitalized, that term actually refers to the American  Pit Bull Terrier) are a recognized breed, with their own special traits and characteristics.  So are American Bulldogs. Therefore, the most accurate description of many of  these wonderful dogs would be American Pit Bull Terrier/American Bulldog mix.  Be cautious if people are just referring to such dogs as a “pit bull”; it really  isn’t accurate. Dog owners sometimes refer to such dogs (a Staffordshire Bull  Terrier/American Bulldog mix for example) just as a “bully breed” or “bully  mix”. It’s simple and more accurate. But if you really want to be an ambassador  for the animal and to really educate people, you could always say the full and  accurate breed name of your dog when asked, although smiling and saying that she’s  a “bully mix” will likely be less complicated!

Characteristics & Temperament

There  are many wrong perceptions and untrue prejudices against bulldogs and the bully  mixed breeds often due to their rather severe appearance. While they are not as  cute as cuddly as some other canines the owners of these pets understand that  they have an inner tenderness and beauty that goes beyond the outer appearances.  Truly; the temperament of the Bulldog is generally considered to be quite docile,  friendly and extremely gregarious. They are well-known for being fiercely loyal  to their owners. International breeders have made incredible progress and have  been extremely successful to breed the aggression and aggressive traits out of  the breed, so these dogs are known to be of a generally very good temperament.

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Of course they can rarely be considered as “docile” bulldogs  will often be so attached to their home and family that they will not want to  venture out of their yard without their human “master”. Due to this  friendly nature bulldogs and breeds mixed with the bullies are known for getting  along very well with young children, other breeds of dog and any housebroken pets  in general. A bulldog is also suitable for smaller houses and even apartments  due to their smaller size and relative lack of energy (don’t call them lazy!),  but bullymix puppies may be somewhat destructive with their curiosity until they  reach a more mature age. Take a lot of pictures of these little rascals as they’re  growing up because they progress through some wonderful stages of growth that  should be well documented.

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